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indian currency

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Hello Developers Team

My All Indian Clients Need Multi Currency , Specially Indian Currency  ,,....!

Because in India No Payment Method for USD

That's Big Reason





Thanks and Regards


Graphic Designer

Edited by MUKESH RAJ
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Dear Team We Need More Options for The Retail Store

1- Related Products  on Single Product Page

2- Set Price for 1 Quantity and for Multi Quantity in Retail Store and Services too

   Like 1 to 9 Quantity Price is  1.00 $

   and 10 to (Infinity) Price is  0.90 $ 

This will be Usefull for the Big Quantities for Gsm Server Logs Credits

3- Server Services Also Need  Because for the Resaller prices Same As IMEI Services

4- Also Make Chat Support Option




Thanks And Regards


Graphic Designer



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1 hour ago, Administrator said:

We are very glad that you are in hurry, but all the requests can't come to life together in 10 days. Just step by step, everything will be ;)

Thanks brother

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As an NRI, I have an NRE/NRO a/c with an Indian bank. This is all after-tax money
Want to transfer some of my INR money to my US bank a/c in USD currency.

I see a number of Indian agencies online like extravelmoney and transferwise that are transferring INR to US banks. They all have offices thruout
India. Are they reliable? Does the US bank charge additional fee beyond the Indian agency fee for receiving USD from an Indian agency?

Does anyone have any insight into it? Have you used this kind of services? Any recommendations?
Please advise.

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Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency and used my many merchants & individual persons in India.

I known, most of the individual person knew how to do exchange bitcoin into inr indian currency. But, In process you have change to make another little profit from way of exchange. Like, if you do exchange with neteller option, then you will make extra 2 profit.

Mind it, now I will puruchase neteller as 65 per dollar.

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