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Found 232 results

  1. Avik Aghajanyan


    Stability and Performance improvements
  2. Avik Aghajanyan


    Maintenance update
  3. Avik Aghajanyan


    Dynamic template improvements
  4. Avik Aghajanyan


    Core performance improvements Added search to services, groups and users with special prices tables Added ability to set "Reject on missing reply" per service for local sources, which will immediately reject the order instead of leaving as waiting action in case there is no available reply
  5. Avik Aghajanyan


    Floating point calculations issue fix
  6. Avik Aghajanyan


    Core improvements and optimizations Added service status bulk management
  7. Avik Aghajanyan


    General improvements and bug fixes
  8. Avik Aghajanyan


    Added UnlockBase API v3.x + ICDN support
  9. Avik Aghajanyan


    Added payment details to invoice Added pending transactions in case you set to approve transactions manually from Authorize.Net. System will check for pending transactions update every 30 minutes. So once you update the status from payment gateway, just wait for system update. In case of approved transactions, the funds will be added automatically and a new invoice will be created
  10. Avik Aghajanyan


    Added transaction reference to DotPay
  11. Avik Aghajanyan


    Added a new API type named "Simple link". Put the link and connect your services Added processing currency for payment gateways to automatically convert user's currency before proceeding Added multisearch for users on IMEI order history Added ability to ignore low balance on APIs to not be shown in notifications
  12. Avik Aghajanyan


    Fixed bug when admin statements could not be loaded Core components and security update
  13. Avik Aghajanyan


    DotPay URL issue fixed
  14. Avik Aghajanyan


    User filter made lazy load on tables Overall performance improvements
  15. Avik Aghajanyan


    Checker element fixed with 2 services: FMI and Simlock status checker Added custom checker to use with any URL 404 page redesign Invalid service links produce 404 pages instead of opening service list Bug fixes Note: Please be aware that on update completion you may not get success response, but get error instead. It is because of Symphony upgrade, so it's OK.
  16. Avik Aghajanyan


    Added AVS support for Authorize.Net. You need to enable it from Payment Settings -> Authorize.Net Fixed Simple Link URL to lower case issue and auto-disconnect issues
  17. Avik Aghajanyan


    Fixed currencies update server issues. It is now working again. Added ability to hide quantity on Server service order form Added ability to set link instead of file for Downloads
  18. Avik Aghajanyan


    Added "Price" and "Order Price" to orders' export for users
  19. Avik Aghajanyan


    Added notifications for suppliers. Now, if service or product has supplier, new order emails will be sent to supplier instead of admins Added hourly auto-update of chosen currencies
  20. Avik Aghajanyan


    Minor fixes
  21. Avik Aghajanyan


    Notifications fix
  22. Avik Aghajanyan


    Added InterKassa payment gateway
  23. Avik Aghajanyan


    Fixed rare bug of export filters Added ability to add custom name and custom logo for payment gateways Added horizontal scroll for long download names on Downloads section on public view Fixed downloads ordering on Downloads section on public view Added ability to enable/disable custom fields Added free checker element to page builder for public use (with limits of 10 checks per 60 minutes from the same IP)
  24. Avik Aghajanyan


    Text editor fixes for URL input, "Open in new tab" button functionality and ability to set template variable without prefix Added order and reply dates for order summary email templates Fixed a bug where user profile's custom fields were not showing in some cases
  25. Avik Aghajanyan


    Huge improvements update

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