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Found 16 results

  1. Avik Aghajanyan


    Added API connection name to remote service price change emails
  2. Avik Aghajanyan


    Improved compatibility with DHRU-like custom scripts
  3. Avik Aghajanyan


    API improvements
  4. Avik Aghajanyan


    Added ability to turn off sending emails to users on API price autosync Added Paid type of Downloads Added Custom fields support via API
  5. Avik Aghajanyan


    Added API prices realtime autosync Added autostop API if price went up
  6. Avik Aghajanyan


    Added search functionality for remote API services on Service add/edit form
  7. Avik Aghajanyan


    Added ability to sync the service main and special prices with API service price automatically on API sync Slightly changed IMEI Service add/edit form layout
  8. Avik Aghajanyan


    API improvements
  9. Avik Aghajanyan


    Added Service Aliases Remote service selection divided into API and Service selectors on IMEI Service form
  10. Avik Aghajanyan


    Change the API processing flow to complete API orders after service disabling
  11. Avik Aghajanyan


    GSM Fusion (Genie) API connection update to meet all versions of GSM Fusion (Genie)
  12. Avik Aghajanyan


    Small bug fix with GSM Fusion API
  13. Avik Aghajanyan


    Low balance on Dashboard will show only enabled API balances Minor improvements
  14. Avik Aghajanyan


    Show deleted user's email in Refunds and Payments summary modal on Dashboard Notify about low balance on remote API Many other improvements
  15. Avik Aghajanyan


    Huge Update! Added user's Edit Settings page with email and security (Login Restrictions by IP / Country) settings to edit Added API Setup interface for users on Edit Profile page Admin panel left sidebar show / hide switcher bug fix. Now you can hide it to use your whole screen
  16. Avik Aghajanyan


    Integration with Naksh Soft API and GSM Fusion API

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