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Avik Aghajanyan

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  1. Avik Aghajanyan


    Added "Price" and "Order Price" to orders' export for users
  2. Avik Aghajanyan


    Added payment details to invoice Added pending transactions in case you set to approve transactions manually from Authorize.Net. System will check for pending transactions update every 30 minutes. So once you update the status from payment gateway, just wait for system update. In case of approved transactions, the funds will be added automatically and a new invoice will be created
  3. Avik Aghajanyan


    Added AVS support for Authorize.Net. You need to enable it from Payment Settings -> Authorize.Net Fixed Simple Link URL to lower case issue and auto-disconnect issues
  4. Avik Aghajanyan

    Local Sources - Replies

    Thank you for you request, we will check and do something
  5. Avik Aghajanyan

    Link instead of Select file/upload

    Done in v1.0.11
  6. Avik Aghajanyan


    Done in v1.0.11
  7. Avik Aghajanyan


    Fixed currencies update server issues. It is now working again. Added ability to hide quantity on Server service order form Added ability to set link instead of file for Downloads
  8. Avik Aghajanyan

    Cryptocurrency Payment

    Why is that list? We asked to provide documentation and test credentials for a particular payment gateway to integrate into WebX Next if you need them.
  9. Avik Aghajanyan


    We are working on it
  10. Avik Aghajanyan


    Text editor fixes for URL input, "Open in new tab" button functionality and ability to set template variable without prefix Added order and reply dates for order summary email templates Fixed a bug where user profile's custom fields were not showing in some cases
  11. Avik Aghajanyan


    Huge improvements update
  12. Avik Aghajanyan

    Create Bulk IMEI Services from API

    Only one by one
  13. Avik Aghajanyan

    Link instead of Select file/upload

    You too
  14. Avik Aghajanyan

    Link instead of Select file/upload

    Hello, Thank you for request, yes, we will implement it
  15. Avik Aghajanyan

    Automatic Reply or Reject for Local Source Device Based

    Done in v1.0.8 update

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